These are book-length translation projects. Shorter translation pieces and multimedia experiments can be found on the WORK page. 

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The Safe House

by Christophe Boltanski

Winner of the 2015 Prix Femina and the Prix des Prix.

The house (and its vehicular appendage) are at the heart of Christophe Boltanski’s ingeniously structured, lightly fictionalized account of his grandparents and their extended family. The novel unfolds room by room—each chapter opening with a floorplan— introducing us to the characters who occupy each room, including the narrator’s grandmother--a woman of “savage appetites”--and his uncle Christian, whose haunted artworks would one day make him famous. (University of Chicago Press)

Pippa Koszerek, A-N: "A Phenomenal and Phenomenological Novel"

Bob Duffy, Washington Independent Review of Books: "A Parisian Manse Becomes a Metaphorical Frame for a Century of Memories"

Ron Slate, On the Seawall: "The Vertigo of Being Alive"

Foreword: "The Safe House"

Publisher's Weekly: Starred review.


Blood Dark

by Louis Guilloux

"At the heart of this apocalyptic satire lies the outsize figure of Cripure, a nihilistic highschool teacher of philosophy, a monstrous Ahab of the intellect suicidally in quest of his Nietzschean white whale. Guilloux’s Le Sang noir here emerges afresh—and urgent—in this new translation by Laura Marris."
—Richard Sieburth (NYRB Classics)

The Wall Street Journal: "The Best New Fiction: Guilloux’s Comical and Horrific Novel Links the Sparkling Contempt of Flaubert to the Tender Resignation of Camus."

The New Republic: "Louis Guilloux's Great, Forgotten War Novel"

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Publisher's Weekly: Starred review.


Triste tristan

by Paol Keineg

The opening sequence quilts the early medieval versions of Tristan and Isolde by Thomas of Britain and Béroul together with a demythologizing perspective that "takes down the pants of the lyrical tradition." Other poems take us on walks through Brittany and drives through North Carolina that fuse landscape, language, history, and memory into a complex space in motion. (Co-translated by Rosmarie Waldrop for Burning Deck Press)

World Literature Today: "Nota Benes, Nov. 2017"