Selected Poems:

"Taking Stock" in The Volta

Two poems in The Cortland Review    

"Threshold" and "Choose Your Own Adventure" in Prelude

"Jeopardy!" in Washington Square Review

"Ransom" in Secousse, with a French translation by Paol Keineg

"Still Life" in DMQ Review

"Piñon" and "The Telling" in H.O.W.



La cache [The Safe House], by Christophe Boltanski. Forthcoming from The University of Chicago Press, October 2017

Le Sang noir [Blood Dark], a novel by Louis Guilloux. Forthcoming from the New York Review Books, September 19, 2017

Triste Tristan and Other Poems, by Paol Keineg, translated by Rosmarie Waldrop and Laura Marris. Forthcoming from Burning Deck Press, November 15, 2017

An animated translation in Asymptote of Paol Keineg's poem from Bad Language, in collaboration with visual artist Matt Kenyon, with an essay about poetry translation

My translation of Gargantua for A Far Cry chamber orchestra and an interview with Robert Pinsky about the piece

My translation of "Abalamour: Because or Down with Love" by Paol Keineg in The Brooklyn Rail, with an introduction to his work


Selected Prose:

"Text Shadow and the Moving Translation" in Asymptote

A microreview of Banana Palace by Dana Levin in Boston Review

A review of Dart by Alice Oswald in The Common

A review-essay on Frank Bidart in Meridian no. 32

An interview with Robert Pinsky in The Wallace Stevens Journal

Field blogs for the Yale Geology and Geophysics Department from Wyoming and Peru and press about the trips